Paradise Lost

II - A Series of Unfortunate Events

In which the party learns of the dangers of the swamp, the hard way.

Quickly readying their weapons the characters join battle with the monstrously mutated creature and eventually take it down, but not without taking horrendous damage from its frenzied attacks.

The occupant of the shack, Sybil, is almost as heavily mutated as the creature the party just defeated, but at least she can speak and isn’t trying to disembowel everyone.

Sybil seems to know an awful lot about the party for a person who has never met them, and over the course of their conversations, tells them a good course of action would be to travel to ‘Hope’, a city whose name was the last word that Missionary Aheb spoke. She also seems to believe that Aheb is mistaken about the identity of Skrap’s attackers being false.

The next day the party and the survivors of Skrap set off across the marsh. Their first day brings an encounter with a radioactive anaconda which is dispatched with a perfect headshot.

That night, camped atop an outcrop of stone and dry earth the party witnesses several silhouettes fly overhead, heading south. They avoid detection.

The next day leads them through a graveyard of broken Arcanum where they are attacked and almost killed by a group of amorphous things. Fleeing for their lives they manage to lose the creatures in the graveyard and rejoin the party outside the maze of broken vehicles.

However, their guide does not rejoin them. Lost and cold the survivor’s bed down for the night only to be encountered by a web handed stranger who claims to be a searcher out from the River Folk settlement of Ford. Although initially distrustful, the survivors follow him to Ford.

The decide to rest here as night is drawing in and manage to find a local youth willing to lead them as far as the south bank of the Great River.


Are you using the d20 Apocalypse supplement at all, just out of curiosity?

Also, great log, keep ‘em coming!


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