Paradise Lost

III – Giant Mutant Turtle Troubles
In which the party is endangered by the local wildlife

After some fruitful bartering for supplies and pimping their dirty magazine for the night the party head south in the company of their guide.

They float down the river in a ‘tuber’ an Ancient air filled rubber raft which has had armoured panel attached to its gunwales to provide protection from marauding underwater ghouls and creatures ominously referred to as ‘Blood Whales.’

An hour into their journey the party sees a ruin on the horizon to their left and is told that it is the remains of an Ancient town that once bordered the river. Tempted by rumours of an untouched Ancient medicine centre they decide to investigate and find the ruins mostly claimed by the swamp.

They begin their investigations by exploring the shell of the tallest building in town. A five story building which has had its top blown off. Finding worrying bloodstains and a large collection of bullet casings at the foot of the stairs they push on regardless. On the third floor they find a crudely made doll. On the fifth they find evidence of habitation. The windows had been boarded up and something is moving in the darkness.

Probing with the light from their corium lantern the party spotted two naked female mutants with highly developed claws and fangs cowering protectively over three young mutants in a ‘nest’ of sorts made from junk. As the light falls on them, the mutants hiss at the party. Noticing a resemblance to the doll they have the party return it to the creatures and beat a hasty retreat.

As they near the next building a huge creature with a strong chitin carapace and a wickedly sharp beak erupts out of the jumble of wrecked vehicles at its entrance and charges towards them. Quickly realising that they can’t stop it the party scatters and lets it chase one of their number into the tall building they previously explored and ascertained to be slightly unstable. The creature smashes into the lobby and just as the party member it was pursuing jumps out of a window, brings the structure crashing down around it.

As the dust settled a group of figures approach from around a corner. Ghouls, the same as the ones in the nest in the now collapsed building. First they stare in shock at mound of settling rubble that used to be their home then they attack the party, who dispatch them with ease. But as the last one falls, the giant turtle, enraged and wounded, erupts from its supposed tomb.

The party flee to the building they were about to explore but quickly realise that this is the turtles layer. Avoiding detection, however, they loot the place, which seems to be some sort of pre-Fall food storage.

Sneaking out the back the party made their way to the medicine centre and searched the place. They run across a floating metal guardian which attacks them with its many long sharp tentacles. Using some Ancient control they manage to send the beast back to where it came from.

Midday finds the party preparing to board their watercraft and cross the river.

II - A Series of Unfortunate Events
In which the party learns of the dangers of the swamp, the hard way.

Quickly readying their weapons the characters join battle with the monstrously mutated creature and eventually take it down, but not without taking horrendous damage from its frenzied attacks.

The occupant of the shack, Sybil, is almost as heavily mutated as the creature the party just defeated, but at least she can speak and isn’t trying to disembowel everyone.

Sybil seems to know an awful lot about the party for a person who has never met them, and over the course of their conversations, tells them a good course of action would be to travel to ‘Hope’, a city whose name was the last word that Missionary Aheb spoke. She also seems to believe that Aheb is mistaken about the identity of Skrap’s attackers being false.

The next day the party and the survivors of Skrap set off across the marsh. Their first day brings an encounter with a radioactive anaconda which is dispatched with a perfect headshot.

That night, camped atop an outcrop of stone and dry earth the party witnesses several silhouettes fly overhead, heading south. They avoid detection.

The next day leads them through a graveyard of broken Arcanum where they are attacked and almost killed by a group of amorphous things. Fleeing for their lives they manage to lose the creatures in the graveyard and rejoin the party outside the maze of broken vehicles.

However, their guide does not rejoin them. Lost and cold the survivor’s bed down for the night only to be encountered by a web handed stranger who claims to be a searcher out from the River Folk settlement of Ford. Although initially distrustful, the survivors follow him to Ford.

The decide to rest here as night is drawing in and manage to find a local youth willing to lead them as far as the south bank of the Great River.

I - Exodus
In which the party meets and a town is raised

The characters, an un-associated assortment of individuals find themselves in the trading community of Skrap.

As evening draws in the town falls under attack from an army of soldiers bearing the regalia of the Hand of Jehova, a powerful religious faction in this part of the wastes. Flaming pots of oil are hurled over the ramparts by crude catapults.

As the attack commences the characters hear the calls of the Movement Missionary (whose name they have not learned) of the town. He does not address them specifically but is rather calling to whoever will listen to join him in the mission blockhouse, claiming that the attackers are not who they seem and that they are too powerful. Heeding his warning the characters fought or fled to the blockhouse.

Once inside the door is locked but the Movement Missionary is hit in the neck by a lucky musket shot through a loophole. With his dying breath he forces a broken piece of dirty white Arcanum into the hands of one of the characters.

“Please… The key… I… I… Hope!”

The characters and the few survivors flee the burning mission and escape through the secondary gate and flee out into the swamps.

A woman, named Madrid, leads the survivors to a shanty on a small patch of dry ground.

Outside the shack something monstrous is beating on its walls. From inside issue faint cries for help.


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